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The Australian Myasthenic Association in NSW was set up to support sufferers of myasthenia gravis and their carers. It has members from all over Australia and overseas.

The website contains useful information about myasthenia gravis, its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and history. There are links to a range of patient support resources such as newsletters, chat facilities, events, patient experiences and practical lifestyle advice. A membership fee entitles members to receive the association's newsletters and goes towards funding events and other costs.

Email: info [at]
Phone: (02) 4283 2815
Address: 108 Bantry Bay Road Frenchs Forest NSW 2086

[added March 2008]

Myasthenia Gravis Friends and Support Group WA
Phone: (08) 9459 7168
Email: contact[at]

Myasthenia Gravis Association of Queensland
Phone: Free call 1800 802 568
Email: [email protected]