New Telephone Services

The National Prescribing Service (NPS) has launched a telephone service for health professionals wanting independent drug and therapeutics information. The Therapeutic Advice and Information Service (TAIS) will give immediate access to information and respond to patient-related enquiries such as:

  • interactions with other drugs, foods or complementary therapies -and how to manage these
  • adverse effects, especially unusual ones not included in the product information
  • use of drugs for unlicensed indications - is there good evidence to support use?

General practitioners, community pharmacists and other community-based health practitioners are expected to be the main users of the service.

Contact the Therapeutic Advice and Information Service for health professionals on 1300138 677, or the NPS on (02) 9699 4499.

The NPS is planning a parallel service for the general public, to be launched later this year. This consumer service will provide information about medicines in lay language, and aims to promote communication between patients and health professionals.

The service will not replace the counselling role of a health professional who knows the patient, however it may help the patient to identify issues that should be discussed with their doctor or pharmacist.