Pharmaceutical company responses to requests for clinical evaluation data
Company Drug
Manufacturer provided all requested information
AstraZeneca rosuvastatin
Ferring quinagolide
Pfizer eplerenone
Pfizer sunitinib malate
Roche bevacizumab
Roche erlotinib
Roche epoetin beta
Wyeth tigecycline
Manufacturer provided some data
Alcon anecortave acetate
Arrow Pharmaceuticals butoconazole nitrate
Arrow Pharmaceuticals solifenacin succinate
Bayer sorafenib tosylate
Bristol-Myers Squibb entecavir
CSL rabies vaccine
EpiPharm tazarotene
Epitan eflornithine hydrochloride
GlaxoSmithKline rotavirus vaccine
Merck Sharp & Dohme rotavirus vaccine
Merck Sharp & Dohme human papillomavirus vaccine
Novartis deferasirox
Orphan lanthanum carbonate hydrate
Schering-Plough posaconazole
Servier strontium ranelate
Company Drug
Manufacturer had no objection to providing data but did not actually provide it
Novartis lumiracoxib
Manufacturer declined to supply data
Amgen palifermin
Genzyme sevelamer hydrochloride
Novo Nordisk insulin detemir
Schering disodium gadoxetate
Manufacturer did not respond to request
Alphapharm cetuximab
Altana Pharma ciclesonide
Janssen-Cilag bortezomib
Novartis darifenacin hydrobromide
Schering alemtuzumab
Solvay moxonidine

Fine-tuning the T-score in 2007

Manufacturers who provide all the information Australian Prescriber requests when assessing a new drug receive the highest score Read about The Transparency Score Some companies only provide the approved product information. Although this is helpful, the product information is a public document so does not represent greater transparency. In these cases the T-score from now on will be Manufacturers who say they have no objection to providing information, but then do not deliver it, will be considered to have declined to supply data . The revised T-scores are as follows:

manufacturer provided the product information

Read about The Transparency Score manufacturer provided additional useful information

Read about The Transparency Score Manufacturer provided the clinical evaluation

manufacturer declined to supply data

manufacturer did not respond to request for data