Edited by Preston CL 
London: Pharmaceutical Press; 2016. 
1827 pages (also available online via MedicinesComplete)

The new edition of this extremely valuable resource provides busy clinicians with a concise, in-depth and reliable source of information on drug interactions. This is increasingly important for complex patients with multiple comorbidities and extensive polypharmacy.

Stockley’s summarises a broad range of references. Product information is often inherently cautious and incomplete, so this edition reviews these sources (from the UK and USA) alongside extensive primary literature (case reports and clinical papers) and guidance from international regulatory bodies such as the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. Occasionally differences in the Australian product information are identified.

Drug–drug, drug–food and a limited number of drug–herb combinations are indexed for both interacting and some non-interacting pairs. The fully referenced monographs (approximately 4500 of them) are clearly laid out with a brief summary of the interaction, clinical evidence, proposed mechanism and importance, and practical management advice. Monographs may also include alternative non-interacting drug options.

Updates to this edition include 350 new monographs (including the oral direct-acting hepatitis C drugs) and revisions to the list of drugs prolonging the QT interval.

The hard copy is limited by its physical size and ongoing currency, but a subscription to the online version, which is updated quarterly, is available and highly recommended. Online access also allows users to plug in unlimited numbers of drugs and search easily for interaction data.

Although mainly a resource used and known by pharmacists, the extensive coverage and ease of use of Stockley’s should appeal to all prescribers looking for detailed drug interaction information. Stockley’s can be used alongside other valuable drug interaction resources such as the Australian Medicines Handbook and the interaction checkers on MIMS or Lexi-Interact (via Lexicomp).

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Louise Grannell

Medicines information pharmacist, Pharmacy Department, Alfred Health, Melbourne