North Melbourne: Therapeutic Guidelines Limited, 1998. 302 pp. $26.50 + $4.00 postage

This is the 10th edition of this handy book, which aims to guide medical practitioners in their choices of antimicrobials. It is a consensus document - a distillation of experience and evidence. It is practical, albeit didactic. However, there are some clear brief explanations which avoid the cookbook approach. An extensive range of conditions has been included. For serious and important conditions such as diarrhoeal illnesses and croup, there are management guidelines which identify the appropriate use of antibiotics. This book is not a substitute for consultation with the relevant specialist.

The appendices are extremely useful. Included are dosage adjustments in renal failure, paediatric dosages, safety in pregnancy and lactation, and drug interactions including interactions with warfarin, food and oral contraceptives.

This book is instantly recognised by its familiar cover. The pocket-sized format, chapter layout and index make it a practical reference. It is especially useful for general practitioners, whether they are located in the city or rural or remote areas.

Beres Joyner

General Practitioner, Thursday Island, Queensland