Access to information about drugs is essential for the quality use of medicines. Since 2003 Australian Prescriber has therefore recorded details about the willingness of pharmaceutical companies to disclose the information that supported the Australian approval of their new products.1 These details are published as the T(ransparency)-score at the end of each new drug comment in Australian Prescriber.

Table 1 shows the responses to requests for evaluation data between January 2007 and January 2009. The Editorial Executive Committee of Australian Prescriber is pleased to report that there has been an improvement since the previous reports were published.1,2 Most manufacturers now provide some information to assist in the preparation of the new drug comments. The Editorial Executive Committee hopes this trend to increased transparency continues.

Table 1 Pharmaceutical company responses to requests for clinical evaluation data 2007–2009
Company Drug
manufacturer provided clinical evaluation
Amgen romiplostim
Baxter Healthcare factor VIII inhibitor bypassing fraction
Bristol-Myers Squibb abatacept, dasatinib, perflutren
Ferring carbetocin
Genzyme anti-thymocyte globulin
Hospira ibandronic acid
Pfizer maraviroc, varenicline, ziprasidone
Wyeth temsirolimus
manufacturer provided additional useful information
Boehringer Ingelheim pramipexole
Janssen-Cilag paliperidone
Merck Sharp & Dohme fosaprepitant
Servier ivabradine
manufacturer provided only the product information
Abbott paricalcitol
Amgen panitumumab
Baxter Healthcare human protein C
Biogen Idec natalizumab
Boehringer Ingelheim tipranavir
Cedarglen Investments galsulfase
CSL sitaxentan
Delpharm nitric oxide
Eli Lilly duloxetine
Genzyme idursulfase, laronidase
GlaxoSmithKline human papillomavirus vaccine, lapatinib
Merck Sharp & Dohme zoster virus vaccine
Novartis nilotinib, ranibizumab, telbivudine
Pharmatel Fresenius Kabi pentastarch
Sanofi-Aventis insulin glulisine
Schering-Plough olmesartan
UCB Pharma rotigotine
manufacturer declined to supply data
AstraZeneca fulvestrant
Celgene lenalidomide
Eli Lilly exenatide
Janssen-Cilag darunavir
manufacturer did not respond to request for data
Genzyme alglucosidase
Merck Sharp & Dohme raltegravir, sitagliptin